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Suggested Categories for College Selectivity
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Basecamp Glossary

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Basecamp Mentors

Meet Your Mentors
 Jared Fries
 Susan Menkel
 Angela Moncada
 Angela Shin (Anji)
 Arelys Villeda
 Laura Crowe Zado
 Samia Zaidi

Who is my Summit Basecamp mentor?
Summit Basecamp Mentors by Region

 Northern CaliforniaPrimary: Samia Zaidi
 Secondary: Angela Moncada
Southern CaliforniaPrimary: Arelys Villeda
Secondary: Samia Zaidi & Laura Crowe Zado
 WA, ID, & MTPrimary: Angela Moncada

 MidwestPrimary: Anji Shin
Primary: Arelys Villeda
Secondary: Laura Crowe Zado
 Mid AtlanticPrimary: Angela Moncada
Secondary: Samia Zaidi
 Mid SouthPrimary: Susan Menkel
Secondary: Jared Fries 
 New EnglandPrimary: Laura Crowe Zado
Secondary: Angela Moncada
 Texas/LAPrimary: Susan Menkel
Primary: Jared Fries
 NY, NJ, & PAPrimary: Anji Shin
Secondary: Laura Crowe Zado
Colorado  Primary: Jared Fries

 SoutheastPrimary: Susan Menkel
 OKPrimary: Jared Fries

Sample Schedules

Summit Schedule

I want to learn more about the structures of Summit Personalized Learning

Project Time (video here)
Personalized Learning Time 
Mentorship (video here )

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